Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany, January 2024 — Process Automation Solutions (PA) is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of the Italian automation system integrator ITA.CA Engineering S.r.l. (“ITACA”). This acquisition reinforces PA’s overall value proposition of smart automation in the process industry.


PA positions itself as a systems-independent supplier of automation integration, digitalization, and production process optimization capabilities, especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, both of which are ITACA’s primary focuses. Based in Milan, Italy, ITACA has more than 30 years of experience working with leading customers in these verticals. ITACA will significantly strengthen PA’s market position in the South European Region, while also adding strong capabilities in the integration of main OT technologies, particularly in primary processing.


“ITACA strengthens our capabilities and expands our customer base and reach in our key focus industries,” said Dr. Christian Debus, President of PA.  “Its strong domain knowledge and differentiated integration capabilities is adding additional value to our existing customers and provides opportunities for us to position the full PA value proposition to ITACA’s customers. With our combined expertise in automation, digitalization, data analytics and AI, we are the partner of choice for global industrial companies looking to make the best use of their data to drive operational performance. We welcome ITACA’s experienced team to PA.”


“We are really excited to become part of PA and ATS, a leading international player with which we will enhance ITACA’s capabilities and growth in particular in the area of larger projects with horizontal and vertical integration towards the third and fourth levels of the automation pyramid” said ITACA’s founder and Managing Director Ilario Carminati. “Working together as a team we will be able to optimize and make the most of the vast technological experience, the global presence and the combination of our people and our products, enabling us to accelerate the technological evolution of control systems. I am strongly convinced that our customers will benefit from the experience and expertise of a company that is active globally and at the same time has the flexibility to adapt to different industries with varied requirements.”


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