Drive your operational performance with PA Facts


  • Run your operations on high quality data. Integrated, connected and contextualized data. Identify TEEP or OEE and get the insights you need.
  • Drive your decisions and actions, globally and in real-time. Make insights actionable.
  • Make use of all your existing infrastructure, hardware and systems. Even if legacy, rigid and fragmented. Or use new innovative technology.
  • Lift hidden value. Improve your key performance indicators and make it visible.


PA Facts is a smart scalable IoT solution for intelligent manufacturing.

PA Facts is made for industrial companies that want to lead their production into the future. Our IoT Solution integrates data from all sources, connects different systems and contextualize your production data. It makes use of your existing IT and OT systems. We connect your physical manufacturing with the IT world to increase effectiveness and efficiency of your production continuously
Details about the PA Platform

PA has years of extensive domain knowledge.
And these are in Facts.

Best practices.


Benefit from ready-to-use best practice solutions for your industry such as production performance or energy management.



Use out-of-the-box solutions and adapt them for your needs and requirements. PA experts support with domain, IT and OT expertise.



Create your own solution based on the PA Facts that seamlessly integrates into your IT landscape.



Based on standardized products and processes you will scale rapidly over different lines, sites and countries


PA Facts is based on state of the art and future-proof technology

  • Cloud-based.
    The cloud continues to gain ground, even in operations. To stay competitive, more and more automation solutions are cloud-ready. We offer the options of a pure cloud or a hybrid solution.
  • Microsoft Azure technology inside. PA is MS Azure partner. We use the state-of-the-art technology stack of Azure. This will future-proof PA Facts and enable it to take advantage of the latest digital innovations, such as AI technology.


  • Highest security standards.
    With industry leading technology we can use the most advanced security technology.
  • Integrate data from the whole pyramid.
    With Facts, you can finally access all data sources of your production. From machine and plant data to PLC, DCS, Scada, MES, ERP and numerous other data sources.


Drive digitalization fast: Start smart, scale fast

With PA Facts you are accelerating your digitalization:

  • While others make the proof of concept, we are already realizing the solution and start with a minimum viable product. (MVP)
  • While others require a strategic decision and lock you in, we keep you independent. And you remain the owner of both your data and the solution.
  • While others can only add slow and are limited to step-by-step, we know how to master OT, multiply and scale fast.

Case Study Akzo Nobel – Improving OEE with a digital solution

AkzoNobel improves its OEE with Performance Portal, a state-of-the-art IoT solution from Inimco, a PA company. An excellent example of digitalization in operations.


Learn about AkzoNobel’s approach and implementation success factors in our PA case study video.

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Drive your operational performance with PA Facts

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