PA helps their clients to minimizes their risks

In an manufacturing facility, no matter the industry, safety must always be the most important element.

The people behind it are essential to making a business a success, and ensuring their health, safety, and overall wellbeing is an absolute necessity.

Unsafe production environments can cause myriad problems — harm to workers and visitors, environmental damage, harm to the company’s reputation, and a decrease in revenue.


PA helps with the safety of production systems in 4 different domains

PA makes the link between process safety, machine safety, explosion safety and cyber security.

As an independent partner, we work with all leading systems and technologies, regardless of the supplier. Our team supports companies from the ground up — including the design of machines and/or processes, and all the way to their implementation and follow-up.
Process Safety

By applying the IEC 61511 standard, your organization will identify process-related safety risks that can cause irreparable damage to the business and the people who work in it. The standard forms the basis for verification, assessment, implementation, and future planning for all safety aspects.

As an IEC 61511 certified system integrator, PA Solutions can guide you in achieving process safety.

Machine Safety

By providing a CE label, a manufacturer declares that their machine is in accordance with the European directive.
However, the road to this label is not always obvious.

We guide you through the entire process towards this CE mark when bringing a new machine or production line to the market.

In the case of existing installations, we evaluate the work equipment to ensure that it remains in line with current social legislation.

Explosion Safety

We help you with the preparation of explosion safety documentation, classification of the ATEX zone, as well as the evaluation of the selected ATEX equipment.

Cyber Security

Threats to OT and IT are different. For both, safety is of the utmost importance.

PA offers cyber security solutions for OT, IT, and for specialized areas.

PA is the ideal partner for industrial safety in your production facility and systems

PA is proud to be a systems-agnostic solutions provider. Thanks to our wide breadth of industry knowledge and know-how, as well as our rich experience in industrial safety in the process and manufacturing spaces, we are your partner of choice.

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