MES and production control at PA Solutions

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) close the gap between ERP and control systems. MES collect all production data in real time, helping to maximize both productivity and quality.


PA delivers MES solutions for production control par excellence

PA offers more than 30 years of experience in industrial automation with a focus on production control in the process and manufacturing industries. We support our customers with consultancy, implementation and operation services. We’re solution-oriented, and use best-in-class system platforms.

MES solutions from PA enable you to improve your:

  • Order management
  • Production planning
  • Formulation management and batch control
  • Order picking
  • Resource and warehouse management

With our MES solutions, you run your operations on high-quality data:

  • Production data acquisition
  • Machine data acquisition
  • Laboratory information systems (LIMS)
  • Statistical quality control
  • Interface and application development

Transparency of production performance with very precise indicators for optimizing and exploiting existing potential

Better utilization of machines/OEE and maximizing of output

Optimized control of facilities. Reduced time from order planning to the start of production

Reduced costs and enhanced quality

How to maximize your cyber security in operational technology!

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