System integration is one of our automation competencies

The operations field often involves very heterogeneous system landscapes, which leads to inflexibility, opaqueness and inefficiency. With separate layers of technology and different suppliers from machine to machine, seamless integration is key to driving operational performance.

The better the OT systems are able to communicate and inform one another, the easier it is to improve efficiency, quality, flexibility and stability.


Integrating the operational systems of the entire automation pyramid

PA is your independent partner with more than 30 years of experience in OT system integration for the process and manufacturing industries. This means we’re familiar with the leading solutions and work with products from multiple suppliers in the industrial technology stack.

We offer the full range of OT system integration, – from the factory floor to the ERP system:

  • Hardware project design and software development
  • Execution of production control systems (PCS), MES, DCS, SCADA, BMS (building management systems)
  • Component supply (MSR devices and DCS)
  • Switch cabinet construction and assembly
  • Automation security

PA offers solutions throughout the complete automation pyramid

SAP integration and more

Beyond the OT level, PA also offers expertise in SAP. Advanced Applications GmbH is part of PA and an SAP partner for the high-tech, medical technology, automotive, machinery, plastics, process production and retail sectors.


Advanced Applications provides SAP consultancy, SAP support, SAP development, SAP maintenance, SAP hosting and cloud services from a single source.

These SAP experts also develop innovative solutions for expanding SAP functionality and for improved integration of the value stream.

Advanced Applications is a PA Company

PA is the partner of choice for leading companies for many reasons:

Knowledge of local regulations and standards for international projects

Industry-specific expertise in automotive, chemicals, food & beverages, life sciences and oil & gas

Objective consulting thanks to hardware and software independencye at every level of automation

Broad experience across all levels of automations

How to maximize your cyber security in operational technology!

Check out our free webinar on the topic of „OT cyber security”. Discover how companies have already successfully built a reliable and secure IT/OT infrastructure. Learn from our experts how you can minimize risks with excellence in IT/OT convergence.
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