PA offers solutions to optimize processes

The requirements on companies in the process and manufacturing industry continue to grow unabated. On the one hand, you have strong dynamics due to digitalization, innovation and fluctuating market requirements.

On the other hand, companies in the industry have to minimize costs and risks in their supply chains. That’s why operational excellence is at the very top of the management’s agenda.


PA supports companies in improving their operational performance

PA helps decision-makers from the very start. Our consultants identify potential in operations and then describe and analyze problems so they can be solved. Our goal is to design and successfully implement solutions to achieve measurable results – together with our customers.
Operational Excellence.

Optimize your core processes, increase the value-creation share and realize cost reductions which affect the results. We help you to consistently implement your company strategy and eliminate waste in your processes.

Site and Factory Planning.

Achieve the ideal site within a global value-creation network. We develop your site into a future-oriented smart factory with maximum delivery performance.

SCM and Logistics Planning.

Ensure delivery reliability in a responsive and cost-optimized supply and distribution network. We support you in minimizing logistical risks through the implementation of a resilient supply chain.

Industry 4.0.

In today’s world, it’s increasingly more difficult to separate the optimization of operations from digitalization. Together with our PA digitalization experts, we discover your digitalization potential and support you in networking your information and robots to create an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

PA has teamed up with the consulting firm BLSG, a company specializing in operational excellence.  Today BLSG is the consulting brand of PA and bundles its consulting expertise in a separate business unit.


Our consultants are experts in production and logistics. They’re hands-on, authentic and collaborative, and combine specialist knowledge, methodical know-how and technological expertise.

BLSG a PA business unit

Operational excellence with real effect

Our projects create added value for our customers. Typical examples from practice include:

Supply chain optimization

Planning of an electronics factory for optimization of the supply chain of a household appliance manufacture

Reducing lead time

Reduction in the lead time of a company in the manufacturing industry

Increasing OEE

Increasing of the OEE of an automobile supplier by 10 percent

Increasing delivery performance

Improvement in delivery performance in the medical device field from 70% to 95% by modifying the manufacturing concept

Digital Lean: The Secure Path to the Digital Future

The primary goal of any industrial company is to achieve the best operational performance possible. Pairing digitalization with operational excellence does just that. PA Solutions shows you how to make this happen while generating outstanding added value at the same time.
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