PA Solutions work in the automotive and mobility sector

The automotive industry is undergoing its greatest upheaval ever. This also applies to all mobility industries, like aerospace and transportation.

New mobility concepts, the shift to electric drives and the reorganization of global supply chains are leading to major changes in manufacturing.


PA is the leading partner of the automotive & mobility industry

A supports companies in the mobility industry with process excellence, industrial automation and digitalization for optimization of their operations. We design customized automation solutions – from identifying undiscovered potential in the value chain to the planning, design and simulation of solutions, the programming of tailor-made plants, machines and robots and the installation and control of systems and machines.
Automotive OEM & Suppliers

We work with leading OEM and tier 1 suppliers worldwide. Thanks to our deep expertise, we’re not only able to deliver state-of-the-art robot solutions, system integration and engineering services, but also integrated solutions for batteries, painting, skillets, glass and decking as well.


For years, the high demands of manufacturing in the aerospace industry in terms of safety, quality and efficiency have been an ideal field of activity for us to demonstrate our expertise in automation. This means we’re the best partner of successful aerospace companies for further optimization of their complex production processes – from forging to measuring.


Our expertise in the automation of complex manufacturing processes also extends to other mobility industries which produce vehicles. With a focus on assembly, we provide support through our expertise in robotics, engineering and system integration, as well as in upstream and downstream processes.

Why PA is the partner of choice for the automotive industry

PA has extensive experience in the automotive & mobility industry with deep industry know-how.

As a manufacturing system-independent partner, we are able to create the best solutions from available technologies to generate maximum value for our customers.

With our automation solutions, we increase operational efficiency in manufacturing and create added value for our customers.

Typical examples include:

Risk minimization

Our turnkey project minimized risks (schedule, cost and scope), resulting in reduced investment, product costs and time to market.

Faster execution

More time for product and process development thanks to projects being executed 30 percent faster.

Higher uptime

Very high reliability of a PA solution led to significantly higher uptime for an OEM.

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