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Process Automation Solutions (PA) is the leading system-independent integration partner for promoting operational excellence.


We work with companies in the process and manufacturing industries worldwide to drive their operational performance with automation and digitalization solutions.


PA is a member of the ATS Group, and we share the same purpose of disciplined, continuous improvement.



> 1,600


> 70

Offices worldwide


About PA

Since 1986 Process Automation Solutions provides complete automation solutions for the process and manufacturing industry. The focus of our activities in industrial automation includes the design of control and process-control systems and the vertical integration of these systems into the overall corporate process. This deep expertise in the integration of operational technology (OT) is the basis of our success.


We help transitioning manufacturing systems into the future


Today, our customers face the next phase of digitalization. To increase their operational performance and utilize the newest digital innovations, they have to connect their physical manufacturing with the cloud. PA is closing the gap between IT and OT, because integration has always been in our DNA and we have been system-independent since our beginnings. IIoT, Industry 4.0 or the Smart Factory – we are the right partner when it comes to digitizing operations.


PA stands for a unique combination of expertise in automation and digitalization


Based on our exhaustive expertise in industrial automation, we’ve expanded our know-how in recent years in the areas of process optimization and digitalization with the acquisition of the companies Advanced Applications, ARGUS, BLSG, CIM, HSG, Industrial Automation Partners, Inimco, IPCOS, ITACA, Odyssey, and Yazzoom. The combination of industry knowledge, automation expertise and analytical know-how in a groundbreaking platform makes PA unique and the partner of choice for industry leaders.



Why our clients choose PA


First, because we have a proven track record in driving operational performance and creating value for our customers – from detection of undiscovered value to solution design and implementation.


Second, because we are system-independent, which allows us to generate maximum value for our clients with our automation and digitalization solutions.


Third, because they can rely on us as a long-term partner, who is always up to date with the latest technology.




A global player PA is present in the most important industrial regions worldwide

From global industrial groups to medium-sized enterprises, we work with customers in the process and manufacturing industries throughout the world.
With more than 70 offices in 19 countries, we’re always close to our customers.


Stronger together – PA is a member of the ATS Group

Since 2014, we’ve been part of the ATS Corporation so that we can deliver even more value to our customers.


A decentralized corporation with a common purpose, approach and values aligned through the ATS business model, ATS is a diverse, multifaceted organization that stresses the value of innovation. There’s a connective thread and clarity of purpose at our core, though – the ATS business model (ABM). Introduced to ATS in 2017, the ABM is a powerful business management system that enables PA to conduct our business using a process of disciplined, continuous improvement.


ATS is an industry-leading automation solutions provider to many of the world’s most successful companies.

ATS uses its extensive knowledge base and global capabilities in custom automation, repeat automation, automation products and value-added services – including pre-automation and after-sales services – to address the sophisticated manufacturing automation systems and service needs of multinational customers in markets such as the life sciences, food & beverages, transportation, consumer products and energy.


Founded in 1978, ATS employs over 6,500 people at more than 60 manufacturing facilities and over 80 offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.


The ATS group includes companies with strong brands like ATS, PA, ATS Industrial Automation, ATS Life Sciences, the CFT Group, Comecer, IWK MARCO, and more.

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