PA Solutions is proud to be the reliable systems integrator that you can always trust. We work with customers throughout the process and manufacturing industries to find the right fit for their unique needs. As part of our services in automation and digital solutions, we’re pleased to work with a wide range of different systems and software to meet the individual requirements of every business with whom we work.

From being your trusted Honeywell systems integrator to providing global answers to your Siemens automation implementation needs, PA is standing by to help. For many of these solutions, our company is the only truly global systems integrator available to help on a worldwide scale, offering the distinct ability to work with both local and international facilities. Industrial automation has never been easier.


The Vendor-Neutral Approach

Manufacturers around the globe constantly face a significant problem from their systems integrators: a one-size-fits-all methodology. Oftentimes, providers will work with only one partner and offer only that solutions to each company they work with. At PA Solutions, we know that this approach isn’t in the best interest of the end user.
Systems Agnostic

PA Solutions prides itself on its systems agnostic practice. Our engineers are skilled in a variety of different applications, meaning that we can work with nearly any system. We’ll find what’s best suited to the individual customer, not to our own pocketbook.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether it’s our silver status as a Rockwell systems integration partner, our years of experience with the Aveva platform, or any other of our many proud partnerships, we always put the customer first. We can update the system you’ve used for years or find the ideal new setup for your business.

Industrial Automation

Automation is the only way to keep up with the modern world. PA Solutions works with a variety of partners to ensure companies around the world and across all industries don’t get left behind.

Digital Solutions

Warehouses and industrial plants all over the globe are looking to digitalize their processes. PA Solutions has the right relationships with the right partners to modernize and digitalize almost anything an industrial business might need.


Our Industrial Automation Partners

We work with some of the best industrial automation solutions in the world.

Industrial automation is the way of the future. As your trusted systems integration partner, PA Solutions proudly stands by our systems agnostic approach to our work. This allows our customers the opportunity to find the right answer that works for their unique needs and doesn’t rely on a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Because of this, we work with many different industrial automation partners across the globe. Whether it’s Rockwell Automation, ABB, Siemens, Honeywell, or anyone in between, we only provide the very best industrial automation platforms for your distinct needs. Take a look at some of the options below:


Our Digital Solutions Partners

We’re proud to offer exceptional digital solutions from some of the very best providers around the globe.

Digitalization across all types of business is constantly changing, and it’s no different for the process and manufacturing industries. Whether it’s IIoT, IT/OT convergence, or any other type of industrial digital solutions, PA’s team of expert engineers works with only the very best platforms in the business to find the right options for each facility.

Our vendor-neutral methods guarantee that all customers are treated as individuals and will never be persuaded to select a platform that doesn’t work for their needs. From Aveva digital solutions to Microsoft Azure and everything in between, the following are just some of the choices of industrial digitalization providers we can work with:

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