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For companies in manufacturing industry, warehouses are crucially important for safeguarding production performance. Experience shows that warehouse capacity deployment between 80 and 90 percent in ideal.

However, in many companies, efficiency could be boosted by between 20 and 30 percent as there are still many manual processes, longer distances and a lack of the seamless data needed for optimization.


Benefits and success factors of Warehouse Automation 4.0

Digitalization and further optimization of warehouses

Companies such as Amazon show what can be achieved with digital technologies. ERP systems such as SAP also indicate further possibilities of improving performance. Last but not least, warehouse performance can be further enhanced with Industry 4.0 innovations – that applies especially to implementation, where digital twins and simulations open up entirely new possibilities. And future opportunities should also be taken into consideration in present plans.



Realization calls for comprehensive competencies

In view of the complexity of the matter and the pace of innovation, it is clear that the planning and implementation of warehouses poses considerable challenges. Viability analyses, process know-how, logistics competence, automation capabilities and ERP skills as well as expertise in project management all need to be combined in order to design, plan and implement a high-performance, future-oriented warehouse.

PA is the ideal partner thanks to holistic skills

With a combination of process advice, automation and digitalization, PA offers the holistic competence required to provide support to companies right from the start of their project. In addition, our experts have in-depth knowledge of manufacturing industry, especially in the highly demanding automotive sector, and can therefore offer tried and tested best practices.

Warehouse Automation 4.0: Improve Efficiency by 20-30%

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