Cyber Security with PA Solutions

Between the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, and the Smart Factory, cyber security has become increasingly important not just for information technology (IT), but for operational technology (OT) as well.

One of the most important areas is the IT/OT alignment – the integration of classic IT systems with their OT counterparts.

PA Provides IT/OT Alignment for Cyber Security

With many years of experience in IT/OT system integration across the automation pyramid, PA Solutions is the leading independent provider of complete automation solutions to the process and manufacturing industry. Our approach emphasizes industrial cyber security solutions with a focus on converging your IT and OT systems to maximize your peace of mind.

We offer a comprehensive range of different industrial cyber security solutions, including assessment, design, implementation, and monitoring. Here are just a few examples:

  • MONITORING: Increasing reliability and security, anomaly detection, notification and corrective action, PA sensors
  • PAM: Session monitoring and recording, secure remote support
  • BACKUP & D/R: Design, configuration, testing, secure software deployment
  • ICS: IEC62443 certification, patch and antivirus management, assessment, system hardening, training, KIPS (interactive protection simulation)
  • VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT: Identifying, evaluating, mitigating, and reporting security vulnerabilities
  • SPECIFICATION DESIGN. IT/OT network, infrastructure, virtualization

PA Solutions is certified in virtually all industrial automation cyber security standards, especially those that relate directly to IT/OT alignment in manufacturing facilities or enterprises. Our team has partnered with the vast majority of DCS/PLC vendors (level 2 in the OT landscape) and possesses excellent OT industry knowledge. This is thanks to our core business, IACS engineering (industrial automation and control systems). Most importantly, we cover the full lifecycle of delivery – beginning with engineering and implementation all the way to after the sale.

Mission Critical: How to Maximize Your Cyber Security Through IT/OT Convergence

Not sure how IT/OT alignment can help improve your cyber security potential? Look no further. Our free webinar, “Mission Critical: How to Maximize Your Cyber Security Through IT/OT Convergence,” discusses just that and more. Hear real-life examples of what happens when businesses fail to align their systems and how you can avoid industrial cyber security disasters. Head to the link below for all the information.
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