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Before diving into the details, it’s necessary to analyze what is statistical process control. Statistical process control (SPC), which is sometimes referred to as Statistical Quality Control (SQC), is an immensely effective solution to the quality management concerns of nearly any organization in the manufacturing space. SPC is the standard system for companies throughout the industry to analyze, measure, and control quality during any and every process.


But how does statistical process control work? To put the answer in layman’s terms, real-time data is collected and plotted onto an SPC chart. The data and plot points are based on pre-determined limits set by key decision makers within the company. This allows any team in the manufacturing space to monitor all processes, discover problems they may not have realized existed, and begin finding the solutions to solve those very concerns.


Why Should I Use Statistical Process Control?

We all want improved quality, but defining the metrics that truly make our manufacturing quality better can vary. Through this system of data collection, control charts, and process improvements in the manufacturing industry, your company will soon see tangible benefits that include:


  • Optimized operations
  • Simplified workflow management
  • Reduced waste, rework, overfill, recalls, and held lots
  • Real-time reporting that facilitates informed decision making


These are just the beginning of what quality control in your manufacturing processes can do for your business. Even better, each of these advantages works to protect your bottom line and help your operators create more efficient processes throughout the entire system. Even when costs rise in areas like raw materials or labor, you can keep expenses down through premium Quality Management for Manufacturing.


PA Solutions and the QMM Method

Here at PA Solutions, we offer a highly effective statistical process control methodology called Quality Management for Manufacturing, or QMM. QMM is a comprehensive system that allows our customers to improve each of their manufacturing processes with the help of real-time data measurements and support from highly qualified analysts with extensive knowledge of both SPC and the manufacturing industry.


Each of our QMM analysts boasts an impressive resumé of system expertise, implementation experience, and technical skillsets that include engineering, systems architecture, and beyond.

In order to provide you with the best implementation possible, PA Solutions works with only the best statistical process control tools in the industry. As the only platinum-level service provider of InfinityQS, the global leading provider of SPC software and solutions, we offer services to support the successful deployment ProFicient™ and Enact® SPC software in order to maximize your quality control potential.


These platforms allow us to automate your data collection while integrating with MES, ERP, and CMM. This means you’ll be able to easily facilitate comprehensive information tracking and compliance adherence throughout your organization.

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Looking for More?

Statistical Process Control (SPC) will allow your business to realize incredible cost savings, improved processes, and much, much more. To help you reach your goals, we want to help find the best platform to get you there. You can work with one of two award-winning platforms, Enact® or ProFicient™, from InfinityQS.


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two men in front of computer holding hard hat and notebook

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