Assembly Solutions

Innovative assembly solutions for batteries and skillets, collaborative robots or digital solutions – there are many different solutions for driving your operational performance.

Around 10 to 15 percent better results are usually achieved by world-class automation solutions in the discrete manufacturing industry.

World-class assembly solutions from PA lower risks and costs

The latest technology enables innovative automation solutions for facing the numerous challenges of manufacturing industries.


Since 1986, PA has been helping leading companies to transform, streamline and optimize their manufacturing operations throughout their entire life cycle.


With our enterprise-wide approach, we lower risks (schedule, cost and scope) and reduce investment, product costs and the time to market.


PA offers several assembly solutions, including:

  • Glass decking with build-in robotics
  • Innovative skillet systems for flexibility, accuracy and longevity
  • Cobot applications combined with vision for ECM flashing, quality check, bin picking
  • Glass preparation systems
  • Truck body on frame deck systems and frame turnovers
  • Panel build
  • Urethane application with online and offline inspection
  • SUV roof bonding / assembly and EOL test cell

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