PA offers digitalization solutions

Data is the lifeblood of the digital transformation. This is especially the case in operations, with its massive volumes and varieties of data ranging from machine sensors to enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

Through IIoT, Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory, data, connectivity and disruptive digital innovations are becoming even more important – for existing factories as well as for new plants.


PA helps companies transition their manufacturing systems to the future

PA is the partner for IIoT, Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory. With our expertise in automation and digitalization we close the gap between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT).
Intelligent Production.

With PA Facts we connect your physical manufacturing with the cloud to continuously increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your production, thus enabling the digital transformation of your production to predictive operations, prescriptive operations or even autonomous operations.

Industrial Data Analytics.

Unleashing optimization potential with analytics. Identifying and solving process and asset impacts before they occur. Use of AI to detect anomalies and optimize your operations.

OT System Integration.

We offer the full range of OT system integration – from the factory floor, PLC, DCS, BMS and MES up to the ERP system.

Cyber Security.

Threats to OT and IT are different. For both sides, safety is of paramount importance. PA offers cyber security solutions for both OT and IT and for specialist fields as well.

SAP Integration.

Advanced Applications is part of the PA Group and is the SAP partner for the high-tech, medical technology, automotive, machinery, plastics, process production and retail sectors.

Why PA is the partner of choice for digitalization of production.

PA is system-agnostic. We work with leading systems and technologies, regardless of the supplier. The core of our business is integration and connectivity to deliver maximum benefit to our customers.

We support companies from strategy to implementation and scaling. Together with our industry knowledge and rich experience in digitalizing operations in the process and manufacturing industries, this makes us your partner of choice for the digitalization of production.

Details about the PA Platform

Digitalization that drives your operational performance.

We support companies with many different digital challenges and make a measurable impact. Typical examples from practice include:

Data enabling

Establishing a contextualized data lake by bridging the OT/IT gap

Reduction of downtime

Reduction of downtime in the high season through predictive maintenance

Major improvements in OEE

Major improvements in OEE using a production performance solution

Significant cost cuts

Significant cost cuts by establishing a single virtual center of operations for global production sites

Case Study AkzoNobel – Improving OEE with a digital solution

AkzoNobel improves its OEE with Performance Portal, a state-of-the-art IoT solution from Inimco, a PA company. An excellent example of digitalization in operations.


Learn about AkzoNobel’s approach and implementation success factors in our PA case study video.

How the digitization of production generates competitive advantages

Industrial companies face more challenges today than ever before. To help respond to these unique difficulties, Dr. Christian Debus, PA Solutions President, shows how digitized production creates added value in any type of manufacturing. He’ll demonstrate the many benefits and keys to success from real-life examples in our webinar “Digitalization as a Competitive Advantage: How Industrial Companies Use Data to Generate Added Value in Production”.
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Watch our webinar about digitalization

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