Operational Excellence.

Process consulting for industrial operations

PA helps decision-makers from the very beginning. Our consultants identify potential in your operations and implement solutions to deliver measurable results.
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Answers to Automation.

Automation from a single source

We automate plants in the process and manufacturing industries using the most advanced systems available. We provide engineering, system integration and production-control solutions.
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Decode Your Production.

Digital Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing

PA closes the gap between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). We’re your partner for Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of things and the smart factory.
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PA is the leading system-independent integration partner for promoting operational excellence.

We work with companies in the process and manufacturing industries worldwide to drive their operational performance. Our combination of industry knowledge, automation expertise and analytical know-how in a ground-breaking digital platform makes PA unique and the partner of choice of industry leaders.

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We engineer a sustainable future

Digital Lean: The Secure Path to the Digital Future

The primary goal of any industrial company is to achieve the best operational performance possible. Pairing digitalization with operational excellence does just that. PA Solutions shows you how to make this happen while generating outstanding added value at the same time.
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Careers at PA – Not Just a Job!

PA offers many career opportunities with exciting projects in automation and digitalization, well-known customers, structured professional development and a cooperative corporate culture. We emphasize equality, respect, and a work/life balance with a commitment to fair working conditions.


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