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Antwerp, Belgium 2024: To help customers accelerate their digital transformation with high-quality sensor data, Process Automation Solutions GmbH (“PA”) has signed a strategic partnership with Timeseer.AI.


Timeseer.AI is a software company that assists its clientele with their OT and IoT quality challenges. Both IoT and OT are the heart of all data-driven solutions in the industry, whether it is reporting, AI/ML, or digital twin solutions in the industry. This capability pairs very well with PA, a systems agnostic provider of holistic automation, digitalization, and process optimization solutions for manufacturers around the globe.


Accelerating through data is a key topic for all our joint customers.  The fastest growing source of data for them is sensor data from MES, data historians, IoT data lakes, etc.  Timeseer.AI enables our customers to find sensor data issues and correct them at scale.  By combining the PA expertise and experience with the cutting edge Timeseer.AI technology, we will be able to provide our customers with a competitive advantage.

In regard to the partnership, Bert Baeck, CEO of Timeseer.AI, says “being embedded within our customers’ industrial plant operations, PA Solutions is accelerating to meet the world’s toughest industrial challenges. This partnership will enable our customers in Oil & Gas, Chemicals, and utilities to leverage the Timeseer.AI capabilities and drive impact on plant productivity and emission reduction.”


Process Automation Solutions President Christian Debus states that “high-quality data is essential to our customers and their operations. Through our new partnership with Timeseer.AI, PA is proud to ensure this with all the data integration and analytics solutions we implement to help our customers to optimize the productivity of their production processes.”


About Process Automation Solutions


PA is a leading system-independent integration partner for promoting operational excellence. They work with companies around the world and across a variety of verticals in the process and manufacturing industries. Through comprehensive automation, digitalization, and optimization solutions, PA helps manufacturers drive operational performance and leverage complex data for incredible ROI. The company is a member of the ATS Group and shares the same purpose of disciplined, continuous improvement.


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About Timeseer.AI


With more than 150 human-years of relevant time-series data experience and over 100+ sensor data quality checks, Timeseer.AI understands the complexity to turn raw OT/IoT data into high quality, reliable data. Our software does the heavy lifting and empowers data teams to detect, analyze, and fix data quality issues before these significantly impact operations and critical business decisions.


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