PA has expanded its offering and now provides support for achieving carbon-neutral production

Climate neutrality offers significant long-term competitive advantages, especially with certification. PA Solutions has acted as a partner to leading industrial companies right from the start of their carbon-neutral production projects. Thanks to our practical experience, we have developed best practice solutions and are fully aware of the challenges and the success factors on the way to carbon neutrality.


PA provides companies with support on the way to achieving certified carbon-neutral production. From the initial data take-off through to the definition and assessment of the measures to be taken, PA experts develop together with a customer a program for the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions right up to carbon neutrality.



The implementation of this program in the form of individual, harmonized projects is at least equally important. On the basis of our process optimization, digitalization, automation and engineering expertise, we are in a position to implement projects of this type with a high degree of reliability.


Our work starts with the recording of all energy data and CO2 emissions in a cloud-based energy management system. The PA service portfolio is rounded off by specific energy purchasing and certificate trading know-how.