Industrial Automation Services 

The world of manufacturing is rapidly entering a new era of big data and it’s imperative that businesses worldwide keep up. Through a combination of industrial automation services, digitalization, and process optimization, manufacturers small and large can do just that. But where to find the right industrial automation solutions provider?  


Process Automation Solutions is your go-to expert for all things related to industrial automation. From the installation and commissioning of greenfield facilities, to full engineering design and execution, and all the way to navigating the everyday details of operations and maintenance support, you can rely on our seasoned professionals to take care of your entire factory automation service.  


What Does an Industrial Automation Services Provider Do?  

Industrial automation solutions providers can offer a wide range of advantages to a manufacturing company. We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details momentarily, but keep the following automation solutions in mind as you begin the search for an industrial automation contractor:  

  • Consulting and Planning 
  • Control Systems and Integration (SCADA, PLC, ERP/MES) 
  • Robotics and Automation Equipment 
  • Sensors and Instrumentation (IoT and industrial IoT) 
  • Maintenance and Support 
  • Safety Systems 
  • Compliance and Regulation 
  • Energy Management 


Facility Performance Optimization through Smart Manufacturing 

Unlocking the full potential of your business means creating a smart manufacturing process that emphasizes factory automation. Through the seamless integration of advanced, flexible automation technology and data-driven strategy, your production lines and assembly process can operate at their highest efficiency possible — and PA is standing by to help. Imagine precision in all processes, reduced downtime through predictive maintenance, and real-time data analytics that inform intelligent decision making and digital transformation. 


Our team of experienced, expert engineers and project managers will set you up for success through the automation of complex tasks, optimizing production and cycle time, and enhancing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This can be applied to just one facility or a large network of smart factories across the globe. The benefits? 



man in hard hat holding tablet looks smart manufacturing icons

  • Lower costs 
  • Improved product quality 
  • Increased throughput 
  • Safer working environments 

It’s time to embrace the future of manufacturing where innovation meets productivity. With the help of PA as your trusted, go-to industrial automation service provider, you’ll soon see your plant soar to new heights.  


The Key Aspects of Industrial Automation Systems 

There are plenty of industrial automation companies out there that will make big promises, but fall short when it comes to actually assisting every aspect of the industrial automation process. Our team will always follow through, so whether you’re starting from a new facility build or working on existing plants, PA is the automation service provider you need. We’ll handle a diverse range of solutions to improve your facility, including: 

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Production Control:

  • Real-Time Production Monitoring – Encouraging real-time visibility into production processes, enabling better decision-making and resource management
  • Work Order and Quality Management – Streamlining work order scheduling, tracking, and completion, optimizing production flow and enforcing higher, more consistent quality standards
  • The Benefits –
    • Operational efficiency through optimized workflows with shorter lead times
    • Better product quality and more regulated quality control
    • Improved resource utilization and allocation for less downtime and better use of both machinery and labor

Control Systems and Systems Integration:

  • PLC Programming – Developing custom programs to control machinery and ensure seamless coordination between various plant processes 
  • SCADA Systems – Offering real-time monitoring, data visualization, and enhanced control of industrial processes 
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS) – Optimizing the control of industrial processes to guarantee precise regulation of variables such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate 
  • The Benefits –  
    • Real-time process monitoring for quick problem identification and resolution 
    • Data-driven decision making facilitates true production process optimization and resource utilization 
    • Enhanced operational flexibility and agility through easily reprogrammable systems for quick adaptation to changing requirements 

Connectivity and IoT / Industrial IoT Integration:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Devices – Connecting machines and equipment to centralized system, enabling remote monitoring and control panels
  • Data Analytics – Utilizing big data to gain insight into production trends, consumer behavior, and operational efficiencies
  • The Benefits –
    • Data-driven insights for more informed decision-making surrounding process optimization and product innovation
    • Remote monitoring and management become possible through enhanced IoT connectivity, improving operational agility
    • Competitive advantages are created through the ability to stay ahead of market demands, speed to market, and innovation

Sensors and Instrumentation: 

  • Various Sensors (temperature, pressure, motion, etc.) – Collect data to monitor and control different aspects of the manufacturing process 
  • Machine Vision Systems – Utilizing cameras and sensors for quality control, inspection, and defect detection 
  • The Benefits –  
    • Sensors and instrumentation ensure high product quality, reducing defects and improving customer satisfaction 
    • The data gathered encourages predictive maintenance, which in turn minimizes unplanned downtime and unexpected breakdowns, while extending equipment lifespan 

Advanced Process Control and Predictive Analytics 

  • Predictive Maintenance – Using data analytics to predict equipment failure, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing unplanned downtime 
  • Optimization Algorithms – Implementing algorithms to optimize process controls in real time, maximizing production yield and efficiency 
  • Energy Management – Monitoring energy use to suggest improvements, lowering overall costs and environmental impact 
  • The Benefits –  
    • Planned downtime and continuous operation through proactive maintenance saves costs and permits timely repairs before equipment failure has a chance to occur 
    • Optimized processes create opportunities for higher production yield with better product quality, increasing revenue 
    • Efficient energy management reduces expenses and aligns with sustainability goals, appealing to customer and stakeholder interests 


Important Steps in Working with Industrial Automation Solution Providers 

As you begin work with an automation service provider, it’s necessary to understand a few of the key steps. Each business is unique, so some manufacturers may not require every aspect of this process, but the following should provide a general overview: 

  • Assessment and Planning form the foundation of efficient industrial automation, providing manufacturers with a strategic roadmap tailored to their needs, ensuring optimal system design and resource allocation. 
  • Installation and Commissioning guarantee a smooth transition, minimizing downtime, and swiftly integrating automation solutions into existing workflows. 
  • Design, engineering, and execution expertise ensure the seamless implementation of advanced technologies, promoting precision and reliability in operations. 
  • Operations and maintenance consulting services enhance overall efficiency, utilizing data-driven insights to streamline processes and resource utilization continually. 
  • Maintenance and support services ensure sustained productivity, enabling timely issue resolution and minimizing disruptions.  
  • Modernization and upgrade services future-proof operations, allowing businesses to adapt swiftly to evolving market demands, maintain competitiveness, and maximize the longevity of their automation investments.  

Together, these aspects of industrial automation services drive operational excellence, minimize costs, and enhance overall productivity, positioning businesses for sustainable growth and success in the ever-changing industrial landscape. If you’re ready to introduce these incredible benefits to your manufacturing facility, contact the experts at PA today. We have years of experience in the process and manufacturing industries, and are ready to become your trusted industrial automation service provider today.  


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