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International projects play a crucial role for companies like Process Automation Solutions who have a global presence.

The same is true in Belgium where the team collaborates with companies and departments around the globe. International projects are a regular occurrence at PA Solutions. They encourage employee growth and shape a company’s identity. Thomas Thonon, a Machine Safety Engineer, visited the local office in Germany to conclude a machine safety project.


“We received a request from one of our German colleagues to help a customer of theirs,” explains Thomas. “I needed to check their machine so that the customer felt sure it could be used safely.



International projects such as this are encouraged by PA Solutions. Requests of this nature regularly arise from the team, and they offer a great opportunity to experience new and different environments. PA Solutions has some 70 offices in 19 countries, making projects like this easier.

Machine Safety

“For this kind of project, we usually begin with a risk analysis. The client had already done that, so I only had to carry out a performance-level evaluation. This evaluation determines the reliability of the machine’s safety circuits.” It was crucial for the customer that the machine was reliable and safe. That’s why they called on specialist help from Belgium. “The machine was a double rotation press, which makes denture cleaning tablets”, stated Thomas. “It was the first in a production line producing and packaging these tablets. So if something were to go wrong at this stage, it would affect the whole line. Naturally, we want to avoid that kind of situation.”


“I’m far from the only one among my colleagues who has been involved in an international project,” confirms Thomas. “A colleague of mine visited Croatia to attend a HAZOP, or hazard and operability study, for example. We also recently won a machine safety project with a Dutch company. And if we’re talking further afield, one of our colleagues recently left for Singapore to carry out PLC programming there.”


The chance to work internationally was one of the reasons Thomas chose to join PA Solutions. “The reason I joined a project firm was to gain experience of a range of companies,” he states. “I want to be able to work in several environments and to make a difference in each. And if that’s also possible at an international level, that’s definitely a big advantage.”


Thomas is enthusiastic about the international aspect of his job. It will enable him to continue to grow as both an individual and a professional. It also strengthens the culture at PA Solutions. “I want to be able to work in several environments and to make a difference in each.” “PA Solutions now operates across quite a few countries, so it is important to work together with your foreign colleagues on projects. so it is important to collaborate on projects with your international colleagues. so international projects are part of our identity.” so international projects are part of our identity.”

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