weaving machine with control panel beneath

The Customer:

Picanol is a weaving machine manufacturer based in Ypres, Belgium. Currently, some 2,600 weaving mills worldwide use Picanol machines, totaling more than 175,000 units. The company develops, produces and sells high-tech machines based on air-jet or rapier technology. They also offer installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, after-sales sales and training services.


The Problem:

As a pioneer in digital innovation, Picanol is always looking for ways to get more value from the data in its machines. Data on energy consumption, machine efficiency, and operator performance can help make textile production more cost-effective, while also improving the quality of the fabrics produced, and Picanol wanted to use these insights not only for its own research and development, but also to make them available to its customers. After a market consultation, Picanol decided to partner with Inimco, a Process Automation Solutions company, and its PA Facts platform.

The PA Solution

Check out our full case study video on how our teams worked together to launch PicConnect, a PA Facts-based cloud platform that centralizes all of Picanol’s digital services and serves as the primary channel of communication with customers, from spare parts catalogs to alerts.PicConnect includes a wide range of tools and features to help PicConnect includes a variety of tools and features that help customers gain insight into loom efficiency, energy consumption and fabric quality.


neon Picanol logo on warehouse wall with weaving machines in foreground

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