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Answers to Automation.


Is it immodest to speak about market leadership? Not if it has been achieved with modesty and sound judgement. Our growth has always been based on our customers‘ needs and the market. You focus on us. We focus on reliability and quality.


Every company has its preferences. Our independence from manufacturers enables us to turn our customers‘ ideas into functionally and economically ideal solutions.


We think and act holistically at all levels. Our teams master their tasks not only technically but also economically. Relying on our expertise and specialist know-how, we work on complete solutions with no interfaces.


Sometimes size does matter.

As a global company, we provide worldwide individual solutions, tailored to our customers‘ needs. We render all services with extensive expertise in a wide variety of industries across the entire automation range.


Pharmaceutical | Biotech
Food & Beverages
Consumer Goods
Oil & Gas | Energy
Basic Industry
Other Industries


38 locations in Europe
17 locations in North America
  6 locations in Asia

Working with the market leader

PA Solutions look after our plants all over the world. The fact that the plants virtually run "Made in Germany" has proved its values for us.

Technical Director
International chemical company

PA have been growing for as long as we have been working with them. They know how to do it!

Project Leader
Biotech company

We are not one of the major players. However, PA's availability and their response times make us feel like one. Thank you!

Automotive supplier

I work on projects for the same customer in different countries. It is fun and makes sense.

Team leader
PA Solutions


Independence protects against being dependent.

We have been developing individual and economical automation solutions since 1986. Our customers‘ success is our success. The fact that we are not limited to certain system manufacturers, significantly contributes to the independence of our solutions and so do our highly qualified employees.


From a small engineering office we have developed to a company with employees in offices throughout the world.


A continuous sales growth since 1986

Maintaining the independence

Manufacturer independence is absolutely crucial for our heterogeneous systems - and it works out well.

Operations Manager
Petrochemical company

Due to its size, PA Solutions can execute large projects without external staff. This ensures smooth operations.

Purchasing Manager
Pharmaceutical company

PA Solutions have always offered us various options. We have been able to influence the concept and could be sure we have not been given a panacea.

Market leader special lubricants

The fact that I don't have to sell our own brand as the best solution gives me a good feeling at work.

Branch Office Manager
PA Solutions


More than the sum of individual services.

We link individual projects, as automation only functions as a whole. Our engineers consistently develop well thought-out, complete solutions which satisfy our customers‘ requirements.

Range of services

Complete solutions for the process and manufacturing industries: from the concept to commissioning, from the field level through process control level to corporate management level; from a single source with proprietary expertise.

Thinking and acting holistically

Although we are a diversified company, PA Solutions is our only automation service provider. They simply provide the full range.

Senior Automation Engineer
Chemicals company

Our contact at PA Solutions takes care of all the technical and economic issues. That makes it easy for us.

Operations Manager
Food and beverages sector

One can sense the interdisciplinary orientation in the collaboration of the PA teams. It simply works.

Technical Director
Steel producer

At the university we were told to think outside the box. At PA, it is clear that it was good to heed this advice.

PA Solutions