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Welcome, INIMCO, to PA Solutions!

We are pleased to announce the addition of INIMCO CVBA to the ATS family, effective November 24, 2020. INIMCO offers knowledge, resources and IoT based solutions for the process and manufacturing industry on MS Azure and equivalent platforms. With its remote monitoring tool, SaaS solutions and domain expertise, INIMCO enables its customers to gain insights into their machine and productivity data, improve operational efficiency and engage with 3rd parties without the burden of building everything from scratch.

This acquisition by Process Automation Solutions (PA) is a clear statement to support PA’s digital strategy and closes the link to PA’s integrated process automation solutions directly to the cloud. With its analytics tools, PA can identify OEE improvement potential which can together with PA’s domain knowledge lead to tangible manufacturing productivity improvements by digitalization.

INIMCO is located in Temse (Belgium) and currently numbers 15 experts. With this acquisition we strengthen our market position in the cloud and edge solutions and support the PA Solutions Powerhouse.

INIMCO CVBA will become part of the global BU Digitalization within PA.

Please also read the announcement Inimco published on their website: Inimco announcement