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QMM – Quality Management for Manufacturing

Quality Management for Manufacturing (QMM) is a PA Solutions program that merges our extensive manufacturing systems integration experience with that of InfinityQS ProFicient™ and ENACT Real-Time SPC software platforms.

PA Solutions & InfinityQS are joined in a partnership that greatly facilitates the delivery and full integration of SPC software to your production floor so you can benefit from actionable intelligence to support your quality and continuous improvements objectives.

As an official InfinityQS Service Provider and ENACT Channel Partner, PA Solutions’ certified QMM analysts deliver an end to end (E2E) integration of the software solutions, all the while ensuring that clients receive the maximum benefits of what ProFicient and ENACT can deliver.

Enact is a cloud-based Quality Intelligence platform that provides unparalleled visibility and unmatched insight into manufacturing quality data. Enact revolutionizes the role of quality cutting through the clutter of data to deliver tailored, strategic insight and giving manufacturers the power to enact a global transformation of their processes and product quality. By enabling a new way of looking at data, Enact propels businesses toward a level of quality knowledge that produces real results, fast.

Our offering (1)
  • Assessment and auditing of existing quality system usability
  • Coordination and facilitation of our automation engineers and quality systems professionals into one delivery team
  • Enterprise level standardization
  • Solution innovation
  • Solution integration and automation
  • Data acquisition strategies
  • Quality traceability solutions
Our offering (2)
  • Full onsite End to End (E2E) implementation of the QMM solution
  • Our methodology covers all aspects required for a successful implementation: Analysis, design, automation, deployment, training, and Post-Deployment Hypercare
  • Basic to advanced user and administrator trainings
  • Feasibility Studies to gage the viability of your project prior to commitment