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Proactive plant operation with high-performance HMI

User interfaces with graphics which have not been effectively configured make it difficult for operators to assess the current status of a plant. With high-performance HMI graphics, you receive a clear presentation of the operating situation at a single glance.

The results are as follows:

  • Changes in the process are immediately highlighted by key indicators – giving operators full awareness of the plant status
  • Processing times are minimized
  • “Reactive” plant operation is avoided

Our HP HMI design and implementation services are based on a methodology developed by our partner company PAS Global, LLC consisting of seven steps that ensure the consistent development of an optimized HMI. Specially developed high-performance object libraries are used in the process.

Our services
  • Development of an HP HMI philosophy
  • Preparation of an HP HMI style guide
  • Presentation of conceptual design to users
  • Workshops for production of user interface graphics
  • Implementation of user interface graphics
  • Commissioning and training
Your benefits
  • Heightened situational awareness with intuitive recognition of plant situations
  • Reduced workload for operating team
  • Reduction in non-planned plant shutdowns
  • Increased plant availability
  • Higher productivity