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Energy Management – a key to competitiveness

The cost of manufacturing a product is one of the main factors in competitiveness. In most industries, energy costs play a key role.

For this reason, the introduction of an energy management system makes sense for almost any company. In the case of companies in especially energy-intensive industries, certification in accordance with ISO 50001 is necessary.

The benefits are evident: companies not only save costs, but also help protect the environment and conserve resources.

In order to reduce its energy demand, a company first needs to identify when and where demand arises. On the basis of this information, the situation can then be improved. PA Solutions GmbH is the right address for all steps involved in optimizing energy costs.

Our services
  • Consultancy and conceptual design
  • Installation of energy measurement equipment
  • Long-term data storage
  • Data evaluation during production
  • Implementation of energy-saving measures
Additional services
  • Supply of measurement equipment required
  • Switchgear cabinet production and assembly